Directory of Problem Behavior & Positive Youth Development Personnel

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Delbert S. Elliott, 735-1065
Dorothy Watson, Program 492-3968
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Sabrina Arredondo-Mattson, CSPV Research 735-1633
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Diane Ballard, Professional Research 735-4164
Joanne Belknap, Faculty 735-2182
Stacey Bosick, Research 492-5548
Jeanne Boswell, Professional Research 492-4754
Shelli Brown, Professional Research
Joan Bryant, Research 735-0455
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Miriam Counterman, Graduate Research
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Karen Drewelow, Professional Research 492-7849
Franklyn W. Dunford, Senior Research 492-3241
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Sarah Goodrum, Faculty 351-2749
Jennifer Grotpeter, Research 492-1370
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Eda H. Homan, CSPV Administrative 735-2146
David H. Huizinga, Senior Research 492-2135
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Richard Jessor, Faculty Research 492-8148
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David W. Kaplan, Faculty Research 777-6133
Laurie Keith, Temporary 492-1410
Rachel Kennedy, Professional Research 492-1370
Beverly E. Kingston, Research 492-9046
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Amanda C. Ladika, Professional Research 735-3157
Marion (Amanda) Lain, Professional Research 492-2134
Maria C. Lopez, Research
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Andrew MacFarland, Professional Research 492-6099
Susanne B. Maher, Professional Research 735-3789
Neera Maru, Professional Research 492-2040
Scott Menard, Research 294-3280
Sharon Mihalic, Research 492-2137
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Raphael Nawrotzki, Graduate Research
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Melissa Painz, Graduate Research 492-2137
Fred C. Pampel, Senior Faculty 492-5620
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Michael L. Radelet, Faculty Research 735-5811
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Tammy Salyer, Professional Research 492-3968
Nitika Sharma, Undergraduate Student
Caeleigh Shellhart, Classified
Eric Jon Sigel, Faculty Research 777-6133
Lauren Stargel, Professional Research 492-8158
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Mark S. Turbin, Senior Professional Research 492-2358
Amanda Tyler, Graduate Student
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Thomas (Tim) Wadsworth, Faculty Research 735-0172
Anne W. Weiher, Research 735-0455
Elizabeth Whalley, Graduate Student
William R. Woodward, Professional Research 735-0538
Lauren A. Worthington, Undergraduate Student

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