Directory of Institutions Personnel

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Andy Baker, ConvenerAndy.Baker@Colorado.EDU(303) 492-1733
Robert Steven Graham, Grants 492-2111
Faculty, staff and studentsEmailPhone
Lee Alston, Faculty 492-4257
Jennifer Bair, Faculty 735-2389
Carew Boulding, Faculty 492-8587
David S. Brown, Faculty 492-0778
Meredith DeBoom, Graduate Research
Cheryl Graham, Program 492-5548
Edward S. Greenberg, Research 492-2141
Murat Iyigun, Faculty 492-6653
Joseph Jupille, Faculty 492-5445
Wolfgang Keller, Faculty
Andrew M. Linke, Research
Keith E. Maskus, Faculty 492-2142
John V. O'Loughlin, Faculty 492-1619
Carol Shiue, Faculty
Sarah Sokhey, Faculty 492-2985
Jaroslav Tir, Faculty
Meagan Todd, Graduate
Sarah Tynen, Graduate
Frank Witmer, Faculty 492-4347

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