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Richard G. Rogers, 492-2147
Faculty, staff and studentsEmailPhone
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Kari Alexander, Graduate Research 492-2146
Nicole Angotti, Ph.D. Research 492-5548
Francisca Antman, Faculty 492-8872
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Jason D. Boardman, Faculty 492-2146
Kathleen Bush, IBS
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Brian Cadena, Faculty 492-7908
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Jonathan Daw, IBS
Danielle Denardo, Graduate Research 735-3796
Benjamin Domingue, Graduate Research 492-2146
Liam Downey, Faculty 492-8626
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Bethany Everett, Graduate Research 492-2218
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David Folch, Research
Paula Fomby, IBS 556-3507
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Joshua Goode, Graduate Research
Myron Gutmann, Visiting 492-2143
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John Hewitt, Associate 492-0742
Brian Houle, Research 492-4267
Lori M. Hunter, IBS 492-5850
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W. Chris Jochem, Graduate Research 492-1476
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Priti Kalsi, Graduate Research
Robert Kemp, Graduate Research 492-5548
Edward L. Kosack, Graduate Research
Randall S. Kuhn, Research 492-0621
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Sarah Lake, Graduate Student
Elizabeth Lawrence, Graduate Research 492-8626
Joshua LePree, Graduate Research
Jani S. Little, Research 492-4179
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Galen Maclaurin, Graduate Research
Aaron Malone, Graduate Research
Nancy D. Mann, Research
Ryan Masters, Faculty 735-0186
Judith A. McCabe, Research 492-6924
Craig McIntosh, Research
Terra G. McKinnish, Faculty 492-5770
Robert F. McNown, Faculty 492-5533
Matt McQueen, Faculty Associate(303) 735-5158
Jane A. Menken, Faculty 492-8147
Daniel Miller Runfola, Research
Nobuko Mizoguchi, Research 492-6924
Sanyu Mojola, Faculty 492-1348
Sheena Murray, IBS
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Anjali Nandi, Graduate Research
Raphael Nawrotzki, Graduate Research
Kathryn M. Nowotny, Graduate Research
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Fred C. Pampel, Senior Faculty 492-5620
Philip Pendergast, Graduate Research
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Hua (James) Qin, IBS
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Rosemary Rast, Undergraduate Student
Fernando Riosmena, IBS 492-1476
Andrei Rogers, Senior Research 492-2145
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Colleen Scanlan-Lyons, IBS
Enid J. Schatz, IBS Affiliate
Christie Sennott, Postdoctoral Research 492-8811
Connor Sheehan, Graduate Student 492-1476
Seth Spielman, IBS
Emily Steiner, Graduate Research AssistantEmily.Steiner@Colorado.EDU
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Stephen Tollman, IBS 492-7986
John Tribbia, Graduate Research 492-2218
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Robbee Wedow, Graduate Research
Jill Williams, Research 492-5253
Kathryn Wright, Graduate Research
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Jeffrey Zax, Associate 492-8268

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