Population Aging Center Grants

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Jane A. Menken, PI
Tania Barham, coPI
M. Nizam Khan, coPI
"Long-term Effects of Health and Development Interventions in Rural Bangladesh"
National Institute on Aging
05/01/10 - 04/30/13
New; $3,240,691.00

Fernando Riosmena, PI
Randall S. Kuhn, coPI
"A Cross-National Perspective in Migrant Health"
National Institute of Child Health and Development
08/24/10 - 07/31/12
New; $142,816.00

A. Mushfiq Mobarak, PI
M. Nizam Khan, coPI
"Socio-biological Tradeoffs of Consanguinity in an Arranged Marriage Market"
National Science Foundation
12/01/05 - 11/30/08
New; $450,000.00

Samuel Clark, PI
"Building Data Sharing Capacity for Demographic and Health Surveillance Sites"
National Institutes of Health
09/15/06 - 06/30/08
New; $107,172.00

Rachel M. Silvey, PI
Randall S. Kuhn, coPI
"Migration and Marginalization: Social Networks, Inequality and Health in Indonesia and Bangladesh"
National Science Foundation
07/01/04 - 06/30/06
New; $170,000.00

Randall S. Kuhn, PI
Jane A. Menken, coPI
"Impact of Migration on Elderly Support in Bangladesh"
National Institute on Aging
07/01/03 - 08/01/04
New; $50,000.00

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