IBS is committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in social and behavioral science through our research, training, mentoring, and organizational culture.

We will strive to:

  • Make and maintain IBS as a highly equitable, diverse, and inclusive place. This requires operationalizing our beliefs and aspirations for an equitable, diverse, and inclusive institute through discrete, measurable actions that are regularly evaluated.
  • Provide equitable opportunities for individuals from historically marginalized social categories across the social and behavioral science pipeline, from the training and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students, to the recruitment and retention to researchers, to the cultivation of leaders in research fields and organizations.
  • Promote research that improves understanding and addresses issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion (e.g., evaluating specific interventions or policies, or providing sound policy/action recommendations).
Graduate students around the table at a seminar

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Each semester, IBS offers a variety of interdisciplinary training opportunities open to Institute graduate students and postdocs as well as others.

Graduate training events and groups, such as student-run dissertation writing groups and workshops, support the development of students in the areas of research, funding, professionalization, interdisciplinary research, and networking.

Events and groups vary by year and are driven in part by student demand.

Please support DEI efforts @IBS! Your donation provides discretionary support for equity, diversity, and inclusion programming in our Institute to enhance recruitment, mentoring, and training of next generation researchers with diverse backgrounds.


For more information about DEI at IBS, contact IBS Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fernando Riosmena.

A group of people at CUnity Fest which is part of the annual Fall Welcome fest held on campus.