Research Professor, IBS

Professor of Political Science

Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

Ed Greenberg received his PhD in political science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1969. Prior to his appointment to the faculty at CU, Boulder, he was an assistant professor at Stanford University, and an associate professor at Indiana University. He twice has been a visiting member of the faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle. He joined the Institute of Behavioral Science in 1976 and became the director of the Research Program on Political and Economic Change and a member of the IBS Board in 1979, serving in these posts until 2010. He is now Research Professor of Behavioral Science. He was Chair of the Department of Political Science at CU from 1985-1988 and is now Professor Emeritus in the department.

Professor Greenberg's research and teaching interests include American government and politics, domestic and global political economy, and democratic theory and practice, with a special emphasis on workplace issues. He is the author of many articles in professional journals in these specialties. He also is the author or co-author of several books including: Struggle for Democracy (11th revised edition and digital/interactive REVEL edition, 2015, with Ben Page); America's Democratic Republic (4th edition, 2011, with Ben Page); The American Political System (5th edition, 1989); Workplace Democracy (1986); Capitalism and the American Political Ideal (1985); and Serving the Few (1974). He is the editor or co-editor of Globalization and Its Outcomes (2004); War and Its Consequences (1994); State Change (1990); Political Socialization (1972); and Black Politics (1971). Professor Greenberg has been the recipient of three major grants from the National Science Foundation and two from the National Institutes of Health, totaling almost $3.6 million since 1976. Most recently, he completed a multi-year, longitudinal panel study, funded by the NIH, that examined the impact of corporate restructuring - defined as downsizing, job reengineering, and new forms of authority - on employees, including their mental and physical health, and their social and political outlooks. This research has resulted in many journal publications and a book "Turbulence: Boeing and the State of American Workers and Managers" for Yale University Press with Leon Grunberg, Sarah Moore, and Pat Sikora, published in 2010. He currently is working with Leon Grunberg on a project that will try to assess the future of labor unions in American manufacturing.