Blog and Web Articles
2012: “Small Farms, Hard Work, and Local Food.” WorldWatch. Blog entry: http://blogs.worldwatch.org/sustainableprosperity/boulderlocalfood/
2012. “Environmental Change, Migration and Gender.” Population Reference Bureau. Web article: http://www.prb.org/Articles/2012/environment-gender.aspx
2012. “Population Size Not Alone in Shaping Climate Impact; Urbanization and Aging Also Key.” Population Reference Bureau. Web Article: http://www.prb.org/Articles/2012/emissions.aspx
2012. “Rural Migrant Remittances May Protect Forests.” Population Reference Bureau. Web article: http://www.prb.org/Articles/2012/migrant-remittances-and-environment.aspx
Community Engagement
Invited expert in online discussion: “HIV/AIDS and the Environment.” Population Reference Bureau. September 2010. Transcript available: http://discuss.prb.org/content/interview/detail/5372/
Popular Press:
Lori M. Hunter. 2008. “Population, Health, and Environment through a ‘Gendered’ Lens.” World Watch Magazine. 21(5):16-21.
Partcipated in the development of a You Tube video entitled “Population, Health, and Environment: Exploring the Connections” produced by The Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars Environmental Change and Security Project. This 10-minute segment offers a lively, brief, and accessible explanation of population-health-environment connections, with examples and photos from successful programs in the Philippines. The video is based on a talk given as part of ECSP's PHE meeting series.  ~  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGUtXzU-xb8
Earth & Sky: Participated in an interview with Earth & Sky, the popular international radio science program, regarding research on HIV/AIDS and the natural environment in rural South Africa. An online version of the podcast can be found at: http://www.earthsky.org/clear-voices/52841/lori-hunter-connects-aidsenvironment-in-south-africa
Participated in the development of a podcast, also through WWIC ECSP evaluating Population-Health-Environment Programs. From their website “In this ECSP podcast, Hunter discusses the challenges associated with encouraging men’s involvement in family planning, implementing integrated development projects on the ground, and designing projects that are sensitive to local residents’ livelihoods and other priority needs.”  ~  http://newsecuritybeat.blogspot.com/2008/04/podcast-evaluating-integrated.html