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FROM earlier: On a personal note, I live in Boulder with my wonderful son Benjamin.  He's an absolute delight and I've put some  pictures below.  Beyond Benjamin and Sociology, my life is mostly comprised of Bikram yoga, exploration of Boulder's beautiful surroundings, working on my fixer-upper cottage, gardening, spending time with friends, and tap dancing!

Winter 2008 (and before), The life that I (continue to) love:

A focus this winter is perfecting our snowboarding skills !  We only started last year -- and I JUST linked my heel/toe edges to get my "C-turns." Benjamin has been very patient with me as the skills of a 9-year old seem to develop far quicker than the skill of said 9-year old's parent!  :)  Still, snowboarding is SO SO SO much fun!!!


Trips in summer 2009 took us to rural South Africa, Paris, and the far corners of Colorado and red rock of southern Utah.  What an incredible planet we are blessed with -- we ought take great care of her!

Here's Benjamin in the research setting, Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance Site, rural South Africa -- dirty, dusty, and fascinating trails.

Benjamin in Agincourt

We also had the opportunity to speak to a real, live medicine man!

Medicine Man

We were also fortunate to spend quite a lot of time in Kruger National Park on a quest for spottings of the "big five": lions, rhinos, leopards, cape buffalos and elephants.  We found them all -- although this particular Cape Buffalo thought HE found US !

Kruger National Park, South Africa

We spent a couple of days in Paris, touring the typical sites but also just sitting in cafes and watching daily French world unfold.  We even saw the latest "Indiana Jones" movie, luckily in English but with French subtitles!  Here we are, with really long hair, on top of l' Arc de Triomphe with a well known landmark behind us :)  Benjamin did, in fact, talk me into going to the top of that well known landmark.  The power of a 9-year old son.

Lori and Ben in Paris

Later last summer we reveled in camping and mountain biking in Telluride -- an experience not to be missed... and, of course, we got to Telluride by crossing many spectacular mountain passes, top down on Violet (or VW Cabrio) with Ipod collection playing loud and clear.  Pretty much impossible to top -- thank you Colorado!
....visit for pictures!

Our 2008 summer trip to Seattle.  Here we are on the top of the Space Needle!


..... and my sweet boy at the Statue of Liberty.


I've got a thing for pirates ......  :)


Our summer '06 roadtrip around Colorado:  Here's Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

We really loved the Great Sand Dunes!  Here we are tired and hot but at the top, whew!

Climbing Sand Dunes At Top

We also river rafted, took hikes, and learned about dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Museum Grand Junction

Benjamin's first lost tooth!

On our road trip to Utah summer 2005, at Vernal's Natural History Museum.

The water is always safe with superheroes around!

Summer fun in the sprinkler!