Graduate Training Student and Post-doc Placements

Wm. Porter Bourie

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory—Part-time Senior Staff and Part-Time Independent CT and CVE Consultant

Nnenia Campbell

University of Colorado Boulder—Natural Hazards Center at the Institute of Behavioral Science—Research Associate

Meredith DeBoom

University of South Carolina—Department of Geography— Assistant Professor

Danielle Denardo

Soka University—Department of Sociology—Assistant Professor

David C. Folch

Florida State University—Department of Geography—Assistant Professor

Tara Grillos

Purdue University—Department of Political Science—Assistant Professor

Babs Grossman-Thompson

California State University at Long Beach—International Studies Program—Assistant Professor

Laurie Hawkins

Emory University—Post-Doctoral Fellow in Gender, Family, and Global Health

Jamie Humphrey

Drexel University—Environmental and Occupational Health—Post-Doctoral Fellow

W. Chris Jochem

University of Southampton, UK—Department of Geography and Environment—Research Fellow

Gisella Kagy

Vassar College—Department of Economics—Assistant Professor

Johannes Karreth

University at Albany, State University of New York—Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy—Department of Political Science—Assistant Professor

Rob Kemp

Estimates Demographer, State Demography Office, State of Colorado

Liz Lawrence

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Carolina Population Center

Wee-Kiat Lim

Singapore University of Technology and Design—Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities—Research Fellow

Dan Miller-Runfola

The College of William and Mary—Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations—Geospatial Scientist

Raphael Nawrotzki

Minnesota Population Center—Postdoc

Petra Norlund

University of Gävle—Adjunct Professor

Kathryn M. Nowotny

University of Miami—Department of Sociology—Assistant Professor

Amy Quandt

New Mexico State University—Jornada Experimental Range—Research Assistant Professor

Joshua Rodd

Middlebury College—Department of Geography—Visiting Assistant Instructor

Patrick Turner

University of Notre Dame—Department of Economics— Assistant Professor

Jamie Vickery

University of Colorado Boulder—Natural Hazards Center at the Institute of Behavioral Science—Research Associate

Elizabeth Whalley

Framingham State University—Department of Sociology—Assistant Professor

Alan Zarychta

University of Chicago—School of Social Service Administration—Assistant Professor