The Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) is a research institute within the Graduate School of the University of Colorado Boulder. Since its establishment in 1957, it has provided a setting for interdisciplinary collaborative research on problems of societal concern. By engaging faculty from all the social and behavioral sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, IBS encourages work that transcends disciplinary boundaries, that illuminates the complexity of social behavior and social life, and that has important implications for social policy.

IBS is organized into five research programs, each defined by an interdisciplinary area of research and directed by a senior research scientist. Three programs have centers which specialize in research topics consistent with the broader goals of the Program. Computing and Research Services provides computing and information technology services for IBS research activities.

IBS Director, Myron Gutmann

Research Programs and Centers with Computing and Research Services Support:

Graduate Training Certificate Program:

Interdepartmental Program in Demography - Richard G. Rogers, Director

Departments/Programs Represented:

Anthropology, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Pediatrics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology


IBS Bylaws (rev. 2018) PDF