IBS Contacts

  • Building Proctor: Cindy Edgar, 303-492-8147, cindy.edgar@colorado.edu
  • IBS IT Help: Mitch Price, 303-735-5455, ibshelp@colorado.edu

Reservation Restrictions

To ensure that IBS faculty and staff have priority reservations, there is a Reservation Restriction schedule in place.

  • Fall Semester (8/15-1/15) – Rooms held for IBS internal use until 7/15.
  • Spring Semester (1/15-5/15) – Rooms held for IBS internal use until 12/15.
  • Summer (5/15-8/15) – Rooms held for IBS internal use until 4/15.

There is also a restriction on the use of Meeting Room 155B – it is for IBS use only Mon-Fri until 5pm. External groups may use this meeting room after 5pm and on weekends. Exceptions must be approved by the Director.

Usage Expectations

Rooms are available to University of Colorado departments and organizations as well as external organizations which are directly affiliated with the University. Rooms can only be reserved through a University of Colorado employee, student, or faculty member.

Please inform IBS if your meeting needs change and you need to cancel your reservation. This is especially true of recurring meetings or meetings scheduled far in advance. After several warnings, if groups routinely reserve space but end up not using the space at that time, IBS may not allow the group to use the space in the future.

Use of the IBS meeting spaces is a privilege and abuse of this privilege may mean that the usage may be revoked. If there is an accidental double booking or last minute need arising at IBS, please note that IBS faculty and staff have priority for the space.

Rooms should be returned to the standard set-up. Please see room set-ups document, as well as posted near the door in the meeting space. The tables have wheels on one end. Do not remove furniture or chairs from the rooms. For larger events, you may want to reserve extra time to set the room up and return it to the standard.

Rooms should be left clean, no discarded paper, food, etc. left behind. Trash and Recycling should be placed in the proper containers. Tables wiped down as needed. White boards erased.

Conference Rooms 155A and 155B – DO NOT operate the wall separating the space. If you have reserved both rooms and for some reason the wall is set up, please contact the Building Proctor listed above, or seek out other assistance from IBS staff.

Please do not adjust the blinds; ask for assistance if needed. Projectors/equipment will be shut off or put in sleep mode. Equipment will be put away (ex. Teleconferencing equipment). If anything is not functioning properly, please let IBS know.

Doors to IBS should not be propped open. Doors to IBS are scheduled to lock automatically at 6:00pm, although IBS staff will set the doors to remain unlocked for meetings scheduled in advance. However, if your meeting is scheduled less than 48 hours in advance, please verify with the Building Proctor to ensure that the doors have been updated.

After 6:00pm, do not open external doors for people you do not recognize. This is a safety issue for people in the building as well as to prevent any loss of property.

Associated fees

  • Returning room to standard set-up – $50/hour.
  • Cleaning room – $50/hour.
  • Damage to property/equipment – at cost.