Hazards Library Online Catalog Up and Running

The new Natural Hazards library catalog interface is now online! It’s got lots of great new features and the Hazards Center and the IBS tech team have worked super hard to create it. Read more here: http://www.colorado.edu/hazards/dr/archives/dr651.html#three Access the library directly here: http://hazlib.colorado.edu/

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Andrei Rogers Migration Book Published

Andrei Rogers' latest book has just been published: "Applied Multiregional Demography: Migration and Population Redistribution", (Dordrecht: Springer), 2015. This book reconsiders conclusions reached in the literatureregarding several fundamental common sense demographicquestions in migration and population redistribution, including:Are the proximate sources of urban population growth mostlydue to migration or natural increase? Is it mostly migration or“aging-in-place”

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Jimi Adams Gives a Talk at University of Florida Informatics Institute

“A Multi-level Life Course Model of Boundaries in Knowledge Production” Projects spanning multiple disciplines (e.g., interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary research) have been examined and evaluated in ways that are substantially under‐theorized. We propose a dynamic model of how disciplinary boundaries are constructed, maintained and crossed, as a means to identify how research fields change as

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