Principle Investigator

R.P. Foster is a research psychologist and Visiting Scholar at the University of Colorado, Institute of Behavioral Science and Natural Hazards Center. She conducts grant-funded research on disaster trauma, and directs a research agenda on psychiatric nuclear disaster effects in Chernobyl survivors relocated to the United States. The PI is author of several scientific papers on the long-term effects of nuclear trauma.

Co-Principle Investigator

R.A. Yaffee is a statistical methodologist who is Research Professor at New York University. His methodological focus and publication record lies in time series analysis, predictive modeling, and design of advanced statistical software. He has participated in numerous grant-funded projects in the area of psychiatric epidemiology.

Kiev Grant Staff

Gleb Prib MD, PhD ~ Kyiv Project Manager

Victor Chtenguelov MD, PhD ~ Research Consultant and Translator