IBS Associations

Professional Research Assistant, Prevention Science Program

Community Research Assistant, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Brief Biography

Jehrin is a highly accomplished business development professional with 10 years experience developing sales organizations and executing revenue generating models. In his various Leadership roles Jehrin has worked cross-functionally to improve client experience and retention, contributed to significant top line sales growth, expanded partnerships, and developed strategies and processes for growth.

Proven success in:

  • Building and managing Sales Development and Inside/Outside Sales Teams
  • Impact strategies to Fortune 1000, Government, and K-12 Education Markets
  • Launching Start-Up SaaS Sales Initiatives
  • Penetration of Key Targeted Accounts in Multiple Verticals
  • Rapidly Learning New Technologies

Jehrin comes to CU Boulder as an accomplished sales and marketing professional with years of expertise in growth and development. "Now I find it remarkable to align my personal passion for the firearm industry and advocacy of the second amendment with The Institute of Behavioral Science, to create, sustain and research substantially relevant impact." Jehrin’s passion for data collection, human behavior, firearms and statistical discovery isn’t just limited to statewide gun shops, shooting ranges and the socioeconomic impact on the communities they serve, "I also find it rewarding to engage with the general population, professionals and industry stakeholders about psychodynamic theory dynamics, the depths of how to engage resources for those experiencing a mental health crisis and most importantly the myriad of ways to evaluate how to prevent suicide by firearm." Jehrin is a bridge builder and partner solutions professional with several years of experience in developing brands, strategic growth integration and channel partnerships motivating interest, investment and sustainability.