IBS Publications

Title Creator Date
Identifying and bounding ethnic neighborhoods Logan 2011 Apr
Reducing uncertainty in the American Community Survey through data-driven regionalization Spielman 2015
Spatial collective intelligence? Credibility, accuracy, and volunteered geographic information Spielman 2014
Dasymetric modeling and uncertainty Nagle 2014 Jan
Identifying regions based on flexible user-defined constraints Folch 2014 Jan 2
Community clusters of tsunami vulnerability in the US Pacific Northwest Wood 2015 Apr 28
Oral health and health care for older adults: A spatial approach for addressing disparities and planning services Borrell 2006
The spatial dimensions of neighborhood effects Spielman 2009 Mar
Interdisciplinary planning for healthier communities: Findings from the Harlem Children's Zone Asthma Initiative Spielman 2006
Using high-resolution population data to identify neighborhoods and establish their boundaries Spielman 2013
Neighborhood contexts, health, and behavior: Understanding the role of scale and residential sorting Spielman 2013
The past, present and future of geodemographic research in the United States and United Kingdom Singleton 2014
The co-evolution of residential segregation and the built environment at the turn of the 20th century: A Schelling model Spielman 2014 Feb
Patterns and causes of uncertainty in the American Community Survey Spielman 2014 Jan
Optimization of aeromedical base locations in New Mexico using a model that considers crash nodes and paths Erdemir 2008 May
Location coverage models with demand originating from nodes and paths: Application to cellular network design Erdemir 2008 Nov 1
Social area analysis, data mining, and GIS Spielman 2008
An open geogemographic classification of the United States Spielman
Appropriate use of the K function in urban environments Spielman 2006
Sociodemographic differentials in adult mortality: A review of analytic approaches Hummer 1998 Sep