Assistant Professor, Population Program
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

GEOG-3812 - Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

This course is an introduction to the human geography of Latin America as a whole with special emphasis on population and development processes. We look at both statistics and the human story behind them on various issues in order to get a fact-based yet rich perspective inasmuch as time permits. After a brief overview of the general characteristics of the region, we look at its historical evolution, paying special attention to its political economy. We then study the recent evolution and current state of population dynamics in the region, including aspects related to international variation in health and levels of educational attainment. Next, we cover current issues of economic development and globalization. We also look in more detail at the state of affairs of specific countries in said issues and other current events of relevance, in many instances chosen with students' active participation. Finally, we briefly study an overview of the complex relationship between the U.S. and different countries in the region, and wrap up with a discussion of the general outlook of the region for the future.

Class materials are available on Desire2Learn during the semester when the class is being taught.