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Thanks for your visit! Recent postings include a chapter on agricultural resilience for a new book, The Community Resilience Handbook, published by the American Bar Assoication, a "posting" version (more references, etc and expansion) of a presentation to the Universities Council on Water Resources meeting in 2017; with some more recent references. This and other materials are a supplement to the large Essay: Getting ATMs Right, under "presentations", which will be occasionally updated (e.g., more sources on local food systems and Colorado work on that), and under "reports" a 2-pager on some of the arguments on ATMs, also called "Getting ATMs Right", and two reports from work with the Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance, on planning issues for ditch companies, and concerns with ATMs from some extended discussions.

Please note that many images in the presentations are used as academic fair use from public sources, but may be copyright and not available for commercial use, and please note that in the presentations, which are in PowerpointTM, there are often additional references or discussions in the "speaker's notes" section; that makes printing notes pages considerably longer in some cases.