September 24, 2023 
Workplace Change Project

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Workplace Change

The Interuniversity Project on Workplace Change and Its Effects has been engaged in research in two main areas:

Workplace Democracy and Participation

These studies, conducted in producer cooperatives, employee stock ownership companies, and conventional firms, address issues related to the impact on employees of workplace democracy and participation in decision making on the job. Impacts of concern include ideologies and political outlooks, participation in conventional politics, workplace safety, and health and well-being.

» Publications, Workplace Democracy and Participation

The Impact on Employees of Corporate Restructuring

These studies, conducted in a very large manufacturing firm, examine how a rapidly changing workplace environment—defined mainly by downsizing, technological change, and job reengineering—is affecting the outlooks, family relationships, coping strategies, organizational commitments, and health and well-being of employees.

» Publications, The Impact on Employees of Corporate Restructuring

Workplace Change Project Workplace Change Project