College Professor of Distinction, Professor of Geography and Fellow, Program on International Development, Institute of Behavioral Science

John O'Loughlin's research interests are in climate change and conflict, as well as in the political geography of the post-Soviet Union (geopolitical orientations, Eurasian de facto-states, ethno-territorial nationalisms and post-conflict societies). He has also published on the diffusion of democracy, electoral geography, the geography of conflict, and the political geography of Nazi Germany. He teaches undergraduate classes in Political Geography, Geographies of Global Change, and the Geography of the former Soviet Union, and graduate classes in Political Geography and Nationalism. He serves on the Advisory Committee of the International Affairs undergraduate program.

Geopolitical Orientations in the Post-Soviet Space

Supplementary graphs for the Monkey Cage - Washington Post article, October 2, 2020, "The fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh is about local territories and wider rivalries"

Supplementary graphs for the Monkey Cage - Washington Post article on "the preferences of Ukrainians for military relations with Russia and NATO"

Recent Courses

Geography 1962: Geographies of Global Change Spring 2020

Geography 1982: World Regional Geography Spring 2020

Geography 3882: Geography of the Former Soviet Union Fall 2019

Geography 4712: Political Geography Fall 2018

Solo bike ride across the US in 2013