Afghanistan & Pakistan Violent Event Analysis using ACLED and WikiLeaks Data

WikiLeaks Paper Replication Material


This page contains the replication data and analytical scripting files for the WikiLeaks paper. Note that we have not re-posted the entire WikiLeaks dataset. To fully replicate our analysis, download the complete WikiLeaks data from and join it to our list of violent events (see the metadata file below for additional instructions). This table of excluded event types corresponds to events with "violent"=0 in our afg_violent.csv file.



The following file contains metadata for zip file below.




This zip file contains all of the files listed in the above metadata file. Please note that to replicate our analysis, you'll need to install the R software, requisite libraries for R, and be able to make minor modifications to the scripts. Some of the analysis also requires ArcGIS and Python. (7 MB)