Weimar Germany Maps

These 4 maps appeared as a color supplement to John O'Loughlin, Colin Flint and Michael Shin "Regions and milieux in Weimar Germany: The Nazi Party vote of 1930 in geographic perspective" Erdkunde 49 (1995), pp. 305-14. A related paper on the same topic was John O'Loughlin, Colin Flint and Luc Anselin "The geography of the Nazi vote: Context, confession and class in the Reichstag election of 1930" Annals, Association of American Geographers 84 (September 1994), pp. 351-380.

An extension of this work, using ecological inferential techniques to estimate the bases of the Nazi party support, is the subject of my current research. An early version of this extension will appear in Annals, Association of American Geography (see Recent Publications).

This research was supported by the Geography and Spatial Science program of the National Science Foundation.


There is also a map showing estimated NSDAP turnout. The value for each of the approximately 1000 Kreisunits was calculated using Gary King's ecological inference method. The map shows the estimated ratio of NSDAP supporters who turned out in the 1930 election in each area. See also Figures 1-4.