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2021 IBS Poster Symposium

Thanks to all who came and participated in our IBS Poster Symposium this year! Our virtual event on Wednesday April 14th had approximately 30 attendees. Nine IBS graduate students presented their posters in two sessions.

The presenters were:

Grad student winners of the 2021 IBS Poster Symposium
  • Solveig Delabroye (ECON): Learning from One’s Community: Neighborhood Effects on Non-Cognitive Skills
  • Ganesh Gorti (PSCI): Inequality, conditional cash transfers, and confidence in local institutions
  • Heather Champeau (SOCY) and Jessica Austin (SOCY): Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network: 2018 and 2019 Comparisons
  • Bertha Bermudez Tapia (SOCY): Violence, Asylum, and Permanent-Temporariness: The Effects of COVID-19 and Immigration Policies on the Matamoros’s Migrant-Camp
  • Melissa Villarreal (SOCY): Long Term Housing Recovery among Mexican Immigrants: How Service Providers Navigate Anti-Immigrant Disaster Recovery Policies
  • Brach Champion (ECON): Who Benefits Most from a Same-Race Mentor? Optimal Matching In Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Marija Sajekaite (PSCI): Taking Climate Change Seriously: The Impacts of Weather Events on Climate Change Attitudes in Latin America
  • Jose Sanchez (SOCY): Gang Intervention in the COVID-19 Era: A Qualitative Study of Multidisciplinary Teams and Gang Outreach in Denver
  • Jeremiah Osborne Gowey (ENVS): The role of social connections and community context in adaptive farming practices among Sri Lankan households.

And our top three fan favorites based on votes were…

  1. Melissa Villarreal
  2. Jeremiah Osborne Gowey
  3. Bertha Bermudez Tapia

Congrats to all the graduate students who participated and made the event a success! Also many thanks to Kim Truong-Vu and Carew Boulding for organizing this as part of the IBS Training Program.