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Interdisciplinary Training Program for Graduate Students

The Institute of Behavioral Science co-organizes a university-wide interdisciplinary training program for graduate students, with postdocs and undergraduates also welcome to attend.

See the Interdisciplinary Training in the Social Sciences (ITSS) program for details and scheduling information. All events are open to any interested student, and snacks and beverages are always served. If you are interested, sign up to join the ITSS email list.

The ITSS program has several components:

  • The weekly Interdisciplinary Graduate Professional Socialization Seminar. Students can enroll in 2 credits for the semester if they would like to attend regularly, or they can drop in for any sessions that interest them.
  • The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program workshop for students who are applying for the fellowship. This longstanding, student-led workshop has an impressive success rate in securing funding for NSF fellows across a wide variety of disciplines.
  • The Interdisciplinary social science dissertation proposal writing workshop, a semester-long noncredit seminar for students who are working on the dissertation proposal and securing dissertation funding.
  • Workshop series on quantitative methods in fall and qualitative methods in spring. These series include several two-hour sessions, each taught by a guest instructor and introducing students to a particular method. Students who are interested can then seek further training in that method.
  • One-credit courses in various qualitative and quantitative methods. These for-credit courses typically last five weeks and provide students with more in-depth training in a particular method, taught by the same instructor each week.