Institute of Behavioral Science

IBS Statement on the Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

  • Rocky Mountain Research Data Center

    Advancing the frontiers of social science investigating new topics in economics, population and health.

  • Environment and Society

    Exploring the use and governance of natural resources and the environment; the social dimensions of natural hazards including wildfires, earthquakes and floods in the U.S., sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America.

  • Health and Society

    Investigating the social, economic, psychological, and behavioral aspects of health; the genetic elements of health behaviors; and inequalities in smoking, obesity, teen pregnancy, and overall well being.

  • International Development

    Examining core aspects of economic and political development around the world, including economic growth, inequality, armed conflict, environmental sustainability, international trade, and democratization.

  • Population

    Exploring human migration and its causes and consequences; health, especially inequalities in well-being; human-environment connections such as differences in vulnerability to climate change.

  • Prevention Science

    Improving understanding of the nature, development course, and later life consequences of behaviors that put young people's health and development at risk; evaluating and disseminating effective prevention and intervention programs.