The Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) is committed to advancing knowledge of society’s most pressing challenges, and to pursuing solutions to those challenges through innovative and interdisciplinary research, education, and engagement in the world.

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Jane Menken

Jane Menken, a pioneer in her field

Jane Menken, distinguished professor at CU Boulder and former IBS Director, is considered a pioneer in her field—one of the first to prioritize women and their desires about childbearing as a central focus of research. Learn more about Jane and the decades-long CU Boulder-led study on how access to family planning shapes lives for generations,

New CONVERGE Training Module

Jocelyn West, Heather Champeau, Jessica Austin, Candace Evans, Rachel Adams, and Lori Peek of the Natural Hazards Center worked together to develop a new CONVERGE Training Module. This module was funded by the NSF and U.S. Geological Survey and is focused on Reciprocity in Hazards and Disaster Research. You can register and access the free

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