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Funding Opportunities for IBS Graduate Students

The Institute of Behavioral Science provides graduate students with various funding opportunities to not only further their own research but also collaborate with IBS researchers on projects. This usually takes the form of small research grants awarded over the fall and spring semesters, and summer research assistantship grants.

Small Grants

IBS provides small research grants to graduate students and postdocs to help further their research. These grants are in the range of $300 to $500, but we consider proposals up to $1000. We accept applications twice during the academic year, typically around October (Fall Small Grants) and February (Spring Small Grants). All IBS-affiliated graduate students and postdocs are eligible. Students have to fill in a form that typically includes questions about the research they are proposing, how the money will be spent, and if and how the research addresses questions about diversity (this criterion is not required to be met to apply for or receive a small grant). Read more about some of the past research we have funded.

Summer RA Support

IBS also provides graduate students with opportunities to apply for summer hourly research assistantship grants to work with IBS researchers on collaborative projects. IBS affiliation for the student is expected but can occur after the project is funded. The graduate student, the IBS researcher, or both equally may be the lead author of the project. The research is expected to result in a coauthored paper that can be submitted to a professional conference or journal or a proposal that can be submitted for external grant funding. Each award will provide up to $750 of hourly RA support for the graduate student. For students who are eligible for federal work-study, this $750 will cover the employer portion of your anticipated $2500 work-study budget. Students are equally eligible for the $750 award whether or not they have been granted work-study funds. International students who receive the award will receive more than $750 because they are ineligible for work-study.