Meeting Room Reservations

Please see the instructions below detailing how to reserve a room. Note: IBS-155B is limited to internal IBS meetings only.

Effective July 1, 2020: IBS will charge non-IBS groups for using meeting spaces. Click here for a Quick Reference of the group definitions and rates. The full PDF of the official policy is here. Please email with any questions.

Our Meeting Room calendars are linked below. Please review the General IBS Room Expectations and the Standard Room Set-Ups for each of the larger meeting rooms. Please wipe down all tables and return the room to the normal set up when finished. See also: Meeting Room Reservations FAQs

To Reserve an IBS Meeting Room

University of Colorado staff/faculty/students (Outlook or O365):
Hint: Think about this just as if you were creating an Outlook meeting and inviting attendees – the process is just like doing that. Email with any questions. 

  1. Create a meeting request via Outlook or O365 (please visit Outlook’s Calendar tutorial if you haven’t used Outlook Calendar before). Things to consider: Please have an appropriately descriptive name of the meeting as others will be able to view the meeting title. If booking on behalf of another individual, please list a contact for the meeting in the body of the appointment request so that we can contact them if needed (eg., building closures, needing to change rooms, etc.).
  2. Click Invite Attendees.
  3. Click either “Required” or “Location” depending on your version of Outlook.
  4. Make sure you’re using the “Global Address List” and not the “Offline Global Address List” in the “Address Book” dropdown.
  5. Search for “ibs-” and the desired room number.
  6. Once you find the room you want, double click it.
  7. Complete your invite and click “Send”.
  8. You will receive a tentative booking from the room, and an acceptance once it has been approved.

If unable to utilize Outlook (ex: Non-CU groups, students not on the Exchange or O365, etc.): please complete the Room Request Form to reserve a room at IBS. Once your meeting room is confirmed as available, we will add it to the meeting calendar, then send an Outlook Meeting Notification to you via email. You do not have to use Outlook or accept the meeting – but please note the meeting on your individual calendar as needed. Should you need to update or cancel your meeting, please email

Room Features Comparison
Video Conf.yesyes yesyesyesyes
Mac-Miniyesyes yesyesyesyes
HDMIyesyesyes yesyesyes
Projector yesyes   yes
Screen yesyes   yes
Monitoryesyes yesyesyes 
No. of Tables812248111
No. of Chairs12244816101014
Max Occupancy20408045101014