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Strategic Plan for the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

University of Colorado, Boulder 2016 – 2021


IBS is committed to advancing knowledge of society’s most pressing challenges, and to pursuing solutions to those challenges through innovative and interdisciplinary research, education, and engagement in the world.

This strategic plan lays out five strategic directions that describe the trajectory of IBS over the next five years, along with high-level strategies for moving the Institute forward. The plan builds on existing strengths while establishing new directions.

Strategic Directions

  • IBS and Research:
    Over the next five years, by supporting current and new activities, IBS will enhance its contributions to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, knowledge, policy, and practice.
  • IBS People and Their Value:
    Within five years, IBS will be a more diverse, cohesive, and vibrant community where everyone feels engaged and supported in their work.
  • IBS and the University:
    Within five years, IBS will increase its contributions to the core mission of the University of Colorado Boulder through enhanced interdisciplinary teaching, research, and service, and by finding new ways to engage with the individuals and entities of the University community.
  • IBS and the World:
    Within five years, IBS will strengthen its role as a premier resource for creating solutions to the most pressing challenges in the local community, the region, the nation, and the world.
  • IBS Governance and Membership:
    Over the next five years, the Institute’s governance structure and approach to membership will evolve to better support its commitment to innovative interdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement.

Task Force

IBS Strategic Plan (pdf)