IBS Speaker Series: Leveraging multi-source spatial data to characterize long-term evolution of settlement and population distributions across the North American rural-urban continuum

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.Johannes UhlPresentation Video Abstract: “Open data“ policies increasingly implemented by federal agencies and the industry sector catalyze the availability of geospatial data enabling novel insights into the spatial-temporal evolution of population and human settlement distributions with unprecedented detail, consistency, and spatial-temporal coverage. In order to fully benefit from ... Read more

IBS Speaker Series: Uncivic legacies: Wartime rebel control and civil society in Africa

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.Justine M. DavisPresentation Video Abstract: This book project examines how the wartime experiences of civil society leaders affect post-conflict democratization. Although international donors funnel millions of dollars in aid to local civic organizations in conflict-affected countries with the goal of facilitating democracy and development, neither scholars nor policymakers ... Read more

IBS Speaker Series: “Exploring and Expanding Environmental Justice Conflicts from the Community to the Carceral System”

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password. David Pellow Presentation Video Abstract: This presentation considers the evolution of environmental justice studies as a field concerned primarily with the intersection of social inequalities and ecological risks. Drawing on the concept of “critical environmental justice studies,” I present cases from research on struggles for environmental justice ... Read more

Population Health Workshop: Perspectives from a Pandemic: Demographic Insights and Battling the “Infodemic”

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98576996831Jennifer Beam DowdAbstract: While epidemiology is certainly having a moment, demography has been key to understanding COVID-19 data since the early days of the pandemic. This talk will highlight demographic insights into COVID ranging from the intersection of population age structure and mortality to estimates of excess mortality and age-prioritization in immunization. Dr. ... Read more

IBS Speaker Series: Population Association of America (PAA) Practice Talks

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.Andrea Tilstra and Brachel ChampionPractice talks for the PAA Conference. Presenter: Andrea Tilstra. Title: "Differences in Determinants: U.S. Labor Induction Rates and Maternal Risk Factors across Race/Ethnicity." Abstract: Labor induction rates have increased across all U.S. states and for all race/ethnic groups since the 1990s. Yet, maternal risk ... Read more

IBS Poster Symposium

ZoomIBS Graduate StudentsPlease join us in supporting our IBS Graduate Students and Post Docs at the 8th Annual IBS Poster Symposium! The event will happen virtually this year on Wednesday April 14th from 2-3:30pm. April 14, 2020 | 2-3:30 p.m. https://cuboulder.zoom.us/s/94885310385 Meeting ID: 948 8531 0385 Passcode: 525069 Join us and visit each student's poster ... Read more

Spring 2021 IBS Minicourses: Interpreting Interactions in Stata

Once you have registered, you will receive the Zoom information and password for the class.Josh Goode, IBS Computing and Research ServicesAbstract: Interactions happen often in daily life, yet we often ignore or misinterpret them in our statistical models. For example, if you are studying age, income and gender in some population, have you considered that ... Read more

CANCELLED: IBS Speaker Series: Conceptual and Methodological Innovation in Assessing Racism and Health

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.CANCELLEDCourtney CogburnPlease note that due to unforseen changes in schedules, this talk has been cancelled. Thank you for understanding. Bio: Associate Professor Courtney D. Cogburn employs a transdisciplinary research strategy to improve the characterization and measurement of racism and in examining the role of racism in the production ... Read more

IBS Speaker Series: How Does the Urban Past Matter for Urban Sustainability Science?

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.José LoboAbstract: It is a truism in the social sciences that “the past matters.” Yet the urban past is often missing in the argumentations for urban sustainability science. (As an example: a historical perspective on urbanization, or insights from urban archaeology, are absent in the 2018 NSF report ... Read more

IBS Speaker Series: Emotional Reactions to COVID-19 projections and Consequences for Protective Attitudes and Behavior

Zoom link: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/98382278178 - email ibs-contact@colorado.edu for password.Jennifer MerollaAbstract: How does the public react to information about the likely progression of COVID-19 cases in the United States? How do these reactions vary over the course of the pandemic and by partisanship, and with what consequences for policy attitudes and personal behavior? We argue that reading ... Read more

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