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Interim Director of IBS and Interim Director of PID

As many IBS friends and colleagues know, we have two changes in leadership on an interim basis this academic year. 

First, Myron Gutmann is on a 9-month sabbatical (August 2020-May 2021), working mostly on research and staying within Boulder for the time being.  Stefanie Mollborn is serving as the Interim Director for IBS.  Stefanie can be reached via email at and has set aside time on Wednesdays from 10am-12pm as IBS Office Hours.

Stefanie is a professor in the Health and Society Program and the CU Population Center, tenured in Sociology and affiliated with Social Psychology. She has been on the faculty at CU-Boulder since receiving her Ph.D. in 2006. She uses mixed methods to study the health and well-being of children and youth and has previously directed graduate and postdoctoral training in IBS. 

“As you’ll see, Stef is a natural and effective leader, and she’ll bring tremendous strengths to the job. We’re lucky to have her.” Myron Gutmann.

Second, Andy Baker is on sabbatical for the Fall 2020 semester (until January 2021) and Carew Boulding is serving as the Interim Director for the Program on International Development (PID).  Carew can be reached via email at  Carew is an Associate Professor in Political Science and has been at CU since receiving her Ph.D. in 2007. Carew is also the current Director of Training at IBS.

Thank you to Stefanie and Carew for stepping into these interim leadership positions and we look forward to a great Fall.