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New CU Study on Children’s Screen Time

For many years parents have been worried about the amount of time their kids use technology. However, a new study from CU Boulder says that the amount of time technology is used by adolescents only weakly predicts how much time they will spend on electronics as a young adult. Lead researchers on the team Stefanie Mollborn, Interim Director of IBS and Sociology Professor and Joshua Goode, CU sociology doctoral student and stats consultant with Computing and Research Services at IBS found that young adults whose parents had stricter technology guidelines placed on them as adolescents do not spend any less time on technology than those who had less strict technology guidelines. Mollborn further states, "As people’s social context changes, their technology use changes as they go through life. So how much they used technology as a teenager matters a little bit, but it doesn’t matter much at all, relative to other things, some which can be explained, and some can’t.” For more information on the study and the article, visit the Colorado Daily website.


Article written by Ciara Coughlan, IBS Student Assistant, PoliSci '21