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A prisoner in a blue tracksuit leans against a railing in a jail cell hallway.

New research by David Pyrooz shows gang ties falter after prison

What happens to a prisoner’s gang affiliation when they’re released from prison? For the nearly 20% of US prisoners who affiliate with gangs in prison, this question has received surprisingly little inquiry. However, new research published in Justice Quarterly by professor of sociology, David Pyrooz, shows gang activity wanes when prisoners reenter the community. Pyrooz

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Leslie Root smiles with Women's History Month graphic in the background.

Women’s History Month Feature: Leslie Root

Closing out Women’s History Month with our final features! Leslie Root started at IBS in March 2021 as a postdoc. She is now an assistant research professor for the CU Population Center and Population Program! Root: Team science! My dissertation was very much a solo effort, and when I was done, I wasn’t sure if academia was

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María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi sits on a rock with a view of the mountains and pine trees in the background. Snow is on the ground, and she wears a light blue puffer coat.

Women’s History Month Feature: María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi

Continuing the celebration of Women’s History Month with María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi! Enríquez Szentkirályi joined IBS in February 2023 as a senior program manager for the Environment and Society Program. Prior to IBS, she worked in the environmental sector with international organizations in the U.S. and Ecuador. Enríquez Szentkirályi has a Ph.D. in Political Science

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Image of Anni Magyare wearing a lime green button down. A graphic of the flatirons and Women's History Month are in the background.

Women’s History Month Feature: Anni Magyary

Our next Women’s History Month Feature is with Anni Magyary! Anni joined IBS and CU Boulder in July of 2019. She works as a Proposal Analyst/Outreach Specialist for the CU Population Center and the Health and Society Program. What do you like most about your position at IBS? Magyary: So many things! I really enjoy assisting

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Sharon Dewitte wears a white lab coat and holds a skull with both hands. She stands near a desk.

Secrets from the Grave: A Portrait of Sharon Dewitte

Professor of anthropology and faculty/fellow of the Institute of Behavioral Science, Sharon Dewitte, was recently featured in the Coloradan Alumni Magazine. Author Lisa Marshall shares how Dewitte’s research helps us learn more about pathogens, their effects on the body, and the structural inequalities that historically led some groups to be more vulnerable to pathogens than

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Lori Hunter smiles with a green and blue scarf. In the background, a graphic of the flatirons and Women's History Month text.

Women’s History Month Feature: Lori Hunter

Next up in our Women’s History Month celebration is Director of IBS, Lori Hunter! Lori shares about her history with IBS and CU Boulder, her vision for IBS, and hints at an exciting event for IBSers in the works. _______ When did you join IBS? Hunter: I came to CU Boulder in 2000, after four

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A river runs through a tall bridge with arches, reminiscent of Roman aqueducts. Across the river is a small English village. People are in the river on small canoes.

New insights into the Roman Empire uncovered in an English village ruin

In recently published research, Scott Ortman, director of the Center for the Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology and associate professor of anthropology, and John Hanson, associate professor of Roman archaeology and art at the University of Oxford, have uncovered a new population estimate for the ancient city of Silchester. Now a ruin, Silchester was a Roman-era village in south-central

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Two boys in Bangladesh harvest flowers.

Impact of early childhood health interventions in Bangladesh felt by future generations

Tania Barham, associate professor of economics, along with coauthors Brachel Champion, Gisella Kagy and Jena Hamadani, published a new paper examining the effects of the Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Programme (MCH-FP) implemented in Bangladesh. Results showed children who experienced MCH-FP had greater height and improved cognition. Remarkably, these benefits spanned generations. The

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Angela Branson holds a camera and is looking at us. In the background, it is springtime in Vail, Colorado with bright green foliage everywhere and a road winding into the trees.

Women’s History Month Feature: Angela “Angie” Branson

Happy International Women’s Day from IBS! In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re interviewing some of our amazing IBS staff. Up first is Senior Program Manager, Angela Branson! Branson joined IBS in September 2022 and helps manage the Health and Society Program, the Population Program, the Program on International Development and the CU Population Center. 

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