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IBS Associations

Director of Operations, LifeSkills Training Project, Prevention Science Program

Research Interests

positive youth development, violence and substance abuse prevention, replication of evidence-based programs, prevention science

Brief Biography

Diane Ballard is a Senior Professional Research Assistant for the Prevention Science Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Diane first joined CU in 1997 and is the Project Director/Principal Investigator for the Blueprints-certified Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) program replication project in Colorado, and part of the management team for another project replicating the LST program in 17 additional states. She has been involved with behavioral science research projects for over two decades, having managed a comprehensive longitudinal survey of the U.S. adult population at the University of Wisconsin Madison, a Colorado safe schools project, as well as two additional projects that replicated several evidence-based Blueprints programs around the country.