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IBS Associations

Prevention Science Program

Program Manager, RISE: Resilience in Schools and Educators, Center for Resilience + Well-Being

Brief Biography

Essie Hengeveld has more than a decade of experience in education as a classroom teacher, program manager and facilitator. She is excited to be pivoting out of the classroom and bringing her talents into education-adjacent spaces. Her superpowers are empathy and patience, as well as understanding what people mean, no matter how they communicate. She has a keen understanding of team dynamics, and uses a unique combination of coaching, storytelling and expert communication skills to advance teams toward their goals. A major basis of her work is using data and analytics to address the needs of individuals. Essie passionately advocates for others – her career focus has been working with individuals with significant disabilities, including those with challenging behavior and social-emotional skill deficits.

Essie holds a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Psychology. Outside of work, you might find Essie spending time with family and friends, rock climbing, or doing arts and crafts (anything with bright colors).