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IBS Associations

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Environment and Society Program

Research Interests

Keywords: Coupled natural-human systems (CNH), Socio-Environmental Systems (SES), Science Policy, Resilience, Transformation, Adaptive Capacity, Learning Networks, Science Communication, Science and Planning, Environmental Science, Environmental Design, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, Science and Technology Policy Studies, Sustainability, Ecology, Conservation, Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Resource Management, Social Media, Complex Systems, Participatory Action Research (PAR), Policy Analysis, Coupled Human And Natural Systems (CHANS)

Skills and Expertise

Jeremiah has diverse skillset with a background that include statistics, ecology, behavioral interactions, community structure, impacts of introduced species, science communication, and policy and planning. At CU Boulder, he teaches introduction to Environmental Studies in the ENVS program and methods and planning courses in the ENVD programs. Jeremiah has research appointments in the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) and the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS).

Before coming to CU Boulder, Jeremiah worked for >15 years as an aquatic/landscape ecologist with Federal and State agencies, universities and private and non-profit consulting firms throughout the Western United States. Jeremiah earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife (2003), a Master of Science in Quantitative Fish Ecology (2005), and a Master of Public Policy (2016) from Oregon State University.

Brief Biography

Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad you’re here! I am a PhD candidate in the Environmental Studies (ENVS) program at CU Boulder. I work at the nexus of science, policy and natural resource management. I am particularly interested in collaborative governance approaches to managing interactions between humans and the rest of the natural world. My dissertation research focuses on understanding the role and evolution of network approaches to collaborative governance, adaptation and resilience. My graduate research examines whether and how social learning networks build and foster adaptive capacity and resilience during transitions in complex social-environmental systems. I am currently working with rural agricultural communities (Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) and communities of people (United States) living with wildfire.

I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with my partner and kids, friends and animals. My favorite activities include camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, forest foraging, SCUBA diving, fly tying, traveling, photography, reading, gardening, geocaching, and homebrewing/distilling.