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IBS Associations

Project Director, LifeSkills Training Project, Prevention Science Program

Research Interests

positive youth development, risk and protective factors, large-scale implementation, evidence-based practice, implementation science, vulnerable populations

Brief Biography

M. Amanda Lain earned Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Social Sciences from Western New Mexico University (’03) as well as a Master’s degree in Sociology from New Mexico State University (’04). Prior to joining the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) in 2010, Lain provided sexual health education and prevention services to the public as well as individuals at-risk, infected, and affected by HIV and STDs. At CU, Lain works to support implementation of the LifeSkills Training (LST) program, an experimentally-proven adolescent violence and substance abuse prevention program that develops healthy attitudes and behaviors in youth when implemented with fidelity. Lain is currently the Project Director for the multi-state LST dissemination effort, which has provided LST to over 500,000 middle-school students across 16 states.