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IBS Associations

Graduate Research Assistant, Prevention Science Program

Research Interests

decision-making, climate change, identity, judgement, behavioral change, risk perception

Brief Biography

Broadly, I study the human dimensions of climate change. Psychological barriers to climate change solutions arise when we see them as unnatural, risky, unknown, unfamiliar, and lacking benefits. For solutions to be effective, we need to first understand how people make decisions in the context of climate change and how human behavior factors into every part the environmental movement. That’s what my work in social/environmental psychology aims to do. Under the mentorship of Dr. Leaf Van Boven, my research seeks to inform policy-makers, innovators, communicators, and stakeholders about how people make decisions about climate change risks and solutions, as well as what drives psychological barriers to solution support. Current projects examine public decision-making for extreme weather events, public adoption of new technologies (e.g., carbon dioxide removal, low-carbon energy, alternative protein technologies), and adaptation of rural communities in the United States.