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Direction 2: IBS People and their Value

Strategic Plan for the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

Within five years, IBS will be a more diverse, cohesive, and vibrant community where everyone feels engaged and supported in their work.

Rationale: One of the great assets of IBS is the collegiality of its people – friendly, open, excited about ideas. As IBS adapts to its new building, it has an opportunity to ensure excellent communication, coordination, and support more broadly within the Institute, particularly across programs. IBS affiliates benefit and build on the Institute’s dynamic community when they can easily connect with one another, In order to show our value for people, IBS will support broad-based skill and career development for all staff, students, and faculty; increase support and mentoring for junior faculty; and promote diversity in keeping with the Provost’s initiative for inclusive excellence.


  1. IBS will facilitate the development of its students, faculty and staff through mentoring, leadership opportunities, and strong professional development programs, among other initiatives.
  2. IBS will build a more diverse organization while developing indicators for inclusive excellence and implementing plans for enhancing diversity. IBS will work with CU-Boulder leadership to secure resources for enhancing the diversity of IBS faculty, staff, and students.
  3. IBS will ensure equal access to timely information for its community.
  4. IBS will facilitate formal and informal interactions to share knowledge, promote collegiality, and foster a sense of community.
  5. IBS will develop new mechanisms to recruit and retain a diverse community of students, faculty and staff that reflects our commitment to inclusive excellence.
  6. IBS will develop policies in which expectations for IBS affiliates (for grants, service, and so on) are sensitive to the variations in affiliates’ career stages and funding landscapes.
  7. IBS will invest in a professional staff with the skills and number of people needed to ensure their ability to contribute to the organization’s leadership and growth.