Strategic Plan for the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

Within five years, IBS will strengthen its role as a premier resource for creating solutions to the most pressing challenges in the local community, the region, the nation, and the world.

Rationale: As one of the premier interdisciplinary research institutes in the country, IBS has the opportunity and the obligation to establish a presence in the world that matches its extraordinary people and achievements. Through a strong communication and outreach strategy, the Institute will take advantage of this pivotal moment to ensure its position as one of the most prominent research organizations in the country. In doing so, IBS appropriately augments the already strong reputation of the University of Colorado Boulder while serving the institution, the region, and the larger world.


  1. IBS will develop and implement a comprehensive and sustainable communication strategy that targets audiences at the local, national, and international levels.
  2. IBS will establish and invest in a high-visibility program to convene groups to engage in discussions about the most pressing social challenges in the world.
  3. IBS will continue to create and contribute resources and tools that can be used by researchers, students, communities, policy makers and practitioners.
  4. IBS will expand its commitment to cultivating academic-community partnerships towards the co-creation of theory, knowledge and practice.