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$6 million CDC National Youth Violence Prevention Center of Excellence grant awarded to the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

The IBS Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence recently received a five-year (2021-2026) $6 million cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Youth Violence Prevention Centers of Excellence (YVPC). The YVPC-Denver project, called Empowering Youth to Realize Equity and Prevent Violence, will use a youth-community-university partnership to implement and evaluate youth violence prevention strategies (The Power of One for Youth Engagement Initiative, Violence Prevention and Interruption through Bystander Reporting and Social Media Monitoring, and Enhancing Youth Athletics and Career Development Programs) in two Denver, Colorado communities experiencing a high violence burden. Youth receive training through a youth advisory council and an early career researcher program. Success will be measured by reductions in rates of youth violence, increases in positive social opportunities, and sustainable improvements in public health practices.

Principal Investigator: Beverly Kingston, Ph.D.

Co-investigators: Sabrina Arredondo Mattson, Ph.D., David Pyrooz, Ph.D. Karl Hill, Ph.D., Sarah Goodrum, Ph.D., Eric Sigel, M.D.

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