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Professor Karl Hill receives 2024 SPR International Collaborative Prevention Research Award

Karl Hill wears a brown jacket and black glasses. In the background are the Flatirons and CU Boulder campus.

CU Boulder Professor and Institute of Behavioral Science Faculty Research Fellow, Karl Hill, has received the 2024 International Collaborative Prevention Research Award from the Society of Prevention Research (SPR). This award is presented to an individual or team of individuals for contributions to the field of prevention science in the area of international collaboration.

Karl G. Hill

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder
Faculty, Research Fellow at the Institute of Behavioral Science

I’m excited about this award because, while the U.S. has a more extensive prevention science network, Europe and beyond are ahead of us in critical areas we need to work on: cultural sensitivity, adaptation, and building a prevention infrastructure. The more we can get our different worlds connecting the more we learn from each other! 

Hill is the current director of the Prevention Science Program at IBS, Co-Principal Investigator of the Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development registry, and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. Spanning over 30 years, Hill’s career has centered on understanding two pivotal questions: what are optimal family, peer, school and community environments that encourage healthy youth and adult development? And how do we work with communities to make this happen?

Hill will be presented with his award at the Annual Awards Presentation on Thursday, May 30 at the 32nd SPR Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC. The Annual SPR Meeting is the premiere conference for prevention science professionals. Hill and the Blueprints team received an Abstract of Distinction Award at the 30th Annual SPR Meeting in 2022 for their symposium, “Common Flaws in Designing and Analyzing Preventive Interventions and How to Avoid Them“.

Hill will be participating in two presentations at the SPR Meeting. Below is a list of all presentations featuring CU Boulder: 

Women’s History Month Feature: Leslie Root

Leslie Root smiles with Women's History Month graphic in the background.

Closing out Women’s History Month with our final features! Leslie Root started at IBS in March 2021 as a postdoc. She is now an assistant research professor for the CU Population Center and Population Program!

  1. What do you like most about your position at IBS?

Root: Team science! My dissertation was very much a solo effort, and when I was done, I wasn’t sure if academia was really the right fit for me. I’m so lucky that I had the opportunity to join the Colorado Fertility Project team, because it’s a fantastic group of people working together to do really important and innovative research. I’ve learned so much here.

2. What research project are you most excited about?

Root: Our Colorado Fertility Project work in the Rocky Mountain Research Data Center is so cool. We are able to study U.S. fertility patterns in a way that has never been possible before, and use it to study highly consequential social inequalities and the interventions that reduce them.

3. What’s one thing you hope never changes about IBS?

Root: The amazing mix of folks from different disciplines and departments! …I also secretly like those weird little beetles that get into the building when the weather gets cold.

4. What is your favorite pastime outside of IBS?

Root: In my spare time, I sing and play a few different instruments with a local choir called Planina. We perform traditional music from the Balkans, the Caucasus, and other parts of Eastern Europe and Eurasia.