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A close up of an array of 21 server hard drives labelled "SAS 500GB 10K" with identical arrays above and below.

How much is 120 terabytes?

Earlier this year, CRS was in the process of solving a big problem the Institute had. A really big problem. The total available storage space for data in the Institute was hovering around 120 terabytes (abbreviated “TB” if you’ve multiplied your bytes by 1000 or “TiB” if by 1024). We only had about a fifth

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A collection of "Hello My Name Is" nametag stickers, with different names written in, like Vivian, Tom, Jen, and Tyler.

What’s in a Name?

There’s a famous saying among computer scientists that one of the two hardest problems in their field is how to name things. They’re certainly not the only ones. In fact, I’d be surprised if there’s a single person in IBS who hasn’t had to struggle with a naming convention. Variables in code, folders on the

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A green exit sign, with a stylized image of a person running out a door on the left, and a right-facing arrow on the right

Jim Dykes and Josh Goode departures

It’s impossible for me to overstate the impact that Jim and Josh have had on CRS and IBS over the past several years.  Under Jim’s leadership, the CRS team expanded to gain dedicated desktop support and server administration, including hiring most of the current team. Thanks to his vision, guidance, and mentorship, CRS’ combined expertise

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