Computing and Research Services

Do you want advice on how to design, collect, or analyze your data? Do you need help writing up your methods section? Our statistical consulting service can help! We also offer GIS consulting. If you have any questions about our services, please email

Our consultant, Don Mather, is a graduate student experienced in working with social science data. You can set up an appointment to meet with him remotely through Zoom. In-person consultations at IBS are available on request, depending on Don’s availability.

Don is familiar with different statistical packages and analyses. He will do his best to answer any statistical or data management questions you have regarding social science data. Don is a specialist in Stata, using the software to manipulate data and perform a variety of analyses, including descriptive statistics, regression, longitudinal data analysis, multilevel models, latent class analysis, and data visualization. Other CRS staff are also available by request to help with LaTeX, Python Virtual Environments, Git, and Github.

Please read our Statistical Consulting Guidelines before booking a meeting.

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