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CONVERGE Research Center and IBS Natural Hazards Center

The National Science Foundation recently created CONVERGE – a $3 million research center hosted here at CU-Boulder, specifically with Dr. Lori Peek as the principal investigator on the project. Please read all about this exciting project here.  

The center is dedicated to bringing together engineering, social sciences, and interdisciplinary teams to reduce hazards losses and improve social wellbeing. Peek said the goal of risk reduction and enhanced resilience is central to the NHERI mission, and the CONVERGE center will help advance that through its focus on research collaboration and coordination.
“Convergence science is about bringing together diverse people, perspectives, and skillsets to solve the world’s toughest challenges,” Peek said. “CONVERGE will allow us to link various research communities, to develop and share best practices for the ethical conduct of research, and to promote social science, engineering, and interdisciplinary natural hazards research to reduce vulnerability.”