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Rashel Gandhi-Besbes, Advisee of Terry McCabe, graduating summa cum laude

Congratulations to Rashel Gandhi-Besbes for graduating summa cum laude in Anthropology.  Her Honor's Program advisor was IBS Environment and Society Program Director Terry McCabe.  Rashel's thesis is titled “The Enemies of Conservation: Balancing Humans and Wildlife Within and Surrounding Protected Areas in Tanzania.”  Please read the full article posted in the University of Colorado – Boulder's Arts and Sciences Magazine.  Below are some highlights.  

Gandhi-Besbes launched her research after talking with her advisor, anthropology Professor J. Terrence McCabe, about why conservation efforts are failing. “He helped me turn a deep concern for the planet and all its species into a practical research question,” she told fellow Honors Program graduates.

In her prepared remarks to fellow honors graduates, Gandhi-Besbes said that being in the College of Arts and Sciences “has taught us how to tell a story and to challenge others to do the same.’ 

“The world is giving us one of the biggest chances in history to make a difference. Change is coming, and we’re at the frontlines. So what I want to leave you with today is to remember the importance of passion. To remember the importance of collaboration. And to remember your influence on the world around you.”