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Peek Comments on the Effects of COVID-19 on Children

On March 11, 2021 CNN published an article about the effects of COVID-19 on children and how it will change their lives, essentially creating a new Gen-C or Generation-COVID. In the article, Lori Peek, Director of the Natural Hazards Center and affiliate of the CU Population Center and Environment and Society Program discusses how vulnerable children are even more at risk. Peek connects this to her research on Hurricane Katrina where she analyzed how the storm impacted the lives of children. During both Hurricane Katrina and COVID-19, low income African Americans have experienced longer recovery and have seen the worst impacts. She further states “children of color are disproportionately out of school. And those inequalities, need to be not only acknowledged, but also factored into recovery efforts” (Peek, CNN). Peek concludes that children’s futures are not set in stone and that there are many things we can do right now – including listening to children and giving them a chance to contribute – to ensure they have an opportunity to fully recover. 

To read more about the impacts of COVID-19 on children and Peek’s research read the full article on the CNN website.